It is very hot. I mean very, very hot. I'm drinking about one liter in two hours and I'm not going to toilet - I'm sweating so bad! The "hot" is not the right word. It is extra super hot! I felt my bag is to heavy as so many unnecessary things for such a weather conditions and I thought about not only throwing out few things but throwing out bag itself with all sleeping bag as I'm sure I will not use it for the rest of my travel and it is only giving additional weight and so difficulty for my travel.

I stopped at many temples on my way but all of them where not a walk-in but just pass-by types. So I just passed-by..:) even without picturing them.

I continued to walk and finally one car picked me up where was sitting two young people and for my happiness understood that I'm travelling with no money - gave me a bottle of coke and after let me out at some smaller village and paid for a bus to drop me forward some 100 km more. That was a good thing. I was travelling on a roof of a jeep with some other 8 Indians.:)

After I was walking for about 10 km until finally was. picked up by some tractor driver and was siting at the back in the sand box and after he dropped me for about 10 km - I was picked up by some guy who was driving a motorbike.

It was not just a guy! He was a local leader of India Communist party and was even elected as a local governor.

He is a leader of the city. Very warm heart - knows everybody on the street. While driving at the back of his motorbike - I was seeing how he dealt with locals on it's way. He introduced me to a local clergy. Some advocates and judges from the court. And some local businessman. He wanted me to stay in his village for a night and to show me how Indian people lives.

We stayed half day in his sisters house - I was treated like a king. One woman was making a wind for me, another food, third tea, and fourth washed, dried and even ironed my dirty clothes while I was eating and sleeping for about an one and a half hours.:)

Later afternoon we went to his house where he introduced me to his uncle and his family and after evening chat he pulled out vodka with words: "I know you Russians drink vodka!":) i agreed on that at the bottle was emptied in the very friendly company of four people his relatives.

After they made me a bed outside covered with a mosquito net. But I slept very bad because of enormous hot weather I need to get used to. I'm happy for my new Indian friends!:) very kind and and nice persons. Probably I'll stay one more day with them. Mosquitoes are bad in here!!!:)