I got lucky because of a lift from Varanasi to Kanpur as road was so long even driving a car. It is very hard to travel by road in India as roads are mostly like offroads and traffic is slow. Without a lift of a Varanasi President of ISKCON (Internayional Society for Krishna Consciousness).

On our way we stopped at Allahabad ISKCON and picked up two more Hare Krishna devotes towards Kanpur as there is a meeting of ISCKON temple presidents. I'm knocking out in a car all the time as I want to sleep badly. This night was better for sleeping as I got something to scare mosquitoes plugged into electricity. But still I'm sleepy as I waked up at 4AM to get inside this car who totally drops me closer to Rishikesh for about 300 km.

Afterwards I got a roof-top truck and at 9 PM I reached Agra and Taj Mahal. Incredible feeling. The Emperor castle and Taj Mahal - soooo great!!!!