Today is 70 days since I left cozy life in Brussels and hit the road towards where I'm now. 10 weeks!!!:) so today I decided to make a party!:)

I got into good relationships with the hotel owner I'm staying in Prasad as I was making a website for him so I talked with him regarding a possibility to make a party at the place I'm staying with a reggae music what he was happy about.

So today evening time I'll have some reggae party at my place. While everything is preparing I finished the website - you can check it out here

Otherwise I'm still enjoying Goa's atmosphere and riding a two-wheeler for boys - I got almost brand new in astonishing purple blue color!:)

So more pictures next time!:)

Bob Marley was shouting on all the beach and I was lightning the candles with number 70 - meaning 70 days since I'm travelling.