Nice. I like the name Kuala Lumpur so much. It sounds like something really exotic!:) Like advertisements for Malaysia- truly Asia. I came to airport in Colombo much before I could even check-in as I was going somewhere from a middle of Sri-Lanka and in Colombo I arrived very late so I decided that there is no reason of taking a hotel for few hours and I went directly to the airport.

This time I'm trying kind of new company for me - I've never used them before - Airasia. They where the cheapest - flight from Colombo to Kuala Lumpur was about 150 Eur or even less! And as I was sitting in the first row - I got a seat by one billionaire from Netherlands who owns a set of companies around Asia doing agricultural stuff. We had an interesting conversation and fun - we even pretended that we are sleeping when we took a pictures as for both of us this was a first time flying this airline company.

My check-in time started at 5:15 am. So early. So I wasn't sleeping all night. Was looking on a map to see what to see in Kuala Lumpur and was thinking how long will I stay there. Also I planned my trip further to Thailand which is very close comparing to the distances I've made so far. I'm even thinking about hitchhiking there - must be nice - I already miss that part! As last few weeks I enjoyed Goa and Anuradhapura - the places which are not about to call "ascetic" expedition at all! But generally - I'm still holding on my plan - no outside funds have been involved except those needed for my flight from Delhi to Goa which was a matter of time not my choice as I had to be there on a homas. So - so far I've been strictly holding to the principle - earn and travel and earn as it's stated in a websites "About" section!

From blue dot to green I took a flight today. From green to red I'm gonna hitchhike for next days. So - Kuala Lumpur!:) I've landed at afternoon and went out from the airport just before 3 PM local time as during my way I was changing time zones, too.

The city itself is amazing! It's amazing! Very beautiful place!!! So many ancient buildings and everything is so clean and tidy not to mention fascinating architecture including Petronas buildings - twin towers, which I reached by quite a late time. So as it was late but there was a lot of things I wanted still to see in this city and I had no proper sleep for allready two nights - I finally decided to pop in some hostel I found on my way.

Knocked out in a waiting mood to see Kuala Lumpur tomorrow! It's fascinating city!!! ...and the name....:)