I waked up before 8 to be ready to wait for a money exchange office right at the border which opens at 8:30 as nobody is accepting Laos money except Laos, probably because for a hundred U.S. dollars you can get a briefcase of Laos Kips. By the way - I was a millionaire in Laos!:) 

I just spent my million to quickly "as my expenses where to high" (paying 5k for a can of a soda) or governmental "bribe" of 300,000.00 Kips to get a visa for entering in Laos...:)

Entering China went smoothly as I already had made my Chinese visa two months ago while in Kathmandu, Nepal.

And such a relief! Feels the same as coming to China from Russia: from nothing to everything. Even free wi-fi right at the border. Excellent!

So now I'm going in my last journey - crossing all China: from South-West to North-East. And that's it!:)