Om and Greetings from Amazing mountain temples of Guilin!:) Im so impressed by today, happy and full of energy which was happily sent to you, too, my dear reader, from this amazing place!!:)
The temple we went today was full with so positive energy that we decided to leave only in the very late evening after sun was down already. Many caves leads deep around the inside of mountain and ancient praying places which dates behind the time.
From outside its a huge mountain. Just to climb it takes a certain amount of will power. Even if the temple is located at the lowest part of mountain, had to climb all of it to see the caves where "Giants" or "Gods" used to live - how they call them in Chinese - Immortal man. According to legends, they where about 3-4 m long and very powerful. Like Goliath which was killed by David.
So around mountain are many caves with few rooms and with a big stone beds and ancient drawings on the walls. It feels like giants left but energy still stays here. Or maybe they are still somewhere in the mountain siting in somathi.

The area around temple was so positively charged - without eating and resting we just walked around, meditated, enjoyed and prayed for everyone's happiness.

Great day!:) Looks like also the hotels cat had a nice time today :)
We wish you happiness!!!

Hare Om!