We manage your influencer campaigns from start to finish

Let Rate Influencers manage various influencer marketing campaigns for all your needs at once and stay on top of your influencer selection & offers.

Easy keep track of your budget and offers
Easily monitor your allocated budget & keep track of all your agreements with influencers with our weekly reports.
Directly contact your Rate Influencers project maneger to increase rewards for one or another influencer.

Manage all marketing, PR & influencer collaborations in one agency

Who’s in, who’s out? A quick overview of the potential influencers that want to work with you can give you all the clarity you need.

If you have several products & services or ideas for your brand, a single campaign might not do them all justice. We are ready to set up several influencer marketing campaigns for different purposes and run them simultaneously while overseeing your total budget and the duration of each campaign.

About Rate Influencers Marketing & Talent Agency

Our in-house team of experts helps you create content that matters

Our experienced team has helped hundreds of brands & agencies worldwide develop effective strategies for more than 6 years. We accompany businesses of all sizes and successfully implement innovative approaches to increase a client’s competitive advantage with powerful content and effective influencer marketing solutions. We work in English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish & Thai.

We create content that matters

We create unique quality campaigns to propel your content output. Our expertise covers all extends of influencer marketing and content creation. From influencer affiliation and sampling to producing videos, infographics, blogs and white papers – We ensure that every piece of content is not only representative of your brand but also resonates with your target audience.

The perfect strategy to reach your goals

Whether you want to stand out in a B2B niche, increase your brand awareness or launch a new product, we help you develop a comprehensive strategy that aligns with your objectives and differentiates you from the competition.

We set your business up for success

From performing an initial assessment of your existing materials to strategizing about content creation and campaign management, we work hand in hand with our clients. Our in-depth consulting drives powerful results and sets up your team for long-term success.

We’ve helped companies scale their business

Rate Influencers helped dozens of brands like you with their marketing strategy. Contact us to be in between our clients who have succeed in their influencer marketing and content campaigns.