With the rate of technology, the number of mobile devices in organizations is constantly increasing. The security of these devices is just as important as the data that is stored on them. This is where Cortado comes in. Cortado is an IT security platform that protects devices, tracks usage, and can be managed remotely. It also offers customizable user management and reporting features to keep employees in compliance with company policies.

Cortado is a new platform that provides a complete and secure solution to manage and secure mobile devices in an organization. It offers a full range of functionality such as device management, device and app management, secure file sharing and content distribution, remote wipe, and forensic investigation. 

It helps organizations protect data on mobile devices by making it easy to reduce the risk of their employees' sensitive data being lost or stolen. With Cortado, companies can easily manage devices and access apps, devices, and data with a single-click, and even provide remote assistance to employees who need help.

Cortado MDM – Your Management Center for Mobile Devices

Set up and secure smartphones and tablets in no time at all. Regardless of whether it's an organization's own or a private device – with Cortado MDM, you're ready to go right away and can manage mobile devices easily and securely via your central MDM console.



Learn more at: ๐Ÿ”— zigi.be/cortado