Sales executives are spending too much time on cold calls and not enough on warm leads and the customers that generate the most revenue. With our AI-powered technology, sales reps can create and share personalized videos at scale at every stage of the cycle. These videos are a powerful tool to help engage leads and close deals.

When you're selling a product, your customers expect to see a video. In fact, we've found that customers expect to see one from you at every stage of the sale. But what if you only had a few minutes to create a video? Or what if you only had a few seconds to share a video? That's where video engagement platforms like Hippo Video come in. Hippo Video is the leading video engagement platform for sales teams, creating and distributing personalized videos. 

Communicating with your customers has never been easier. With the rapid proliferation of social media, video has become the most popular way for brands to engage with customers. It's also a great way for sales teams to communicate with prospects and close deals. What's not to love about a tool that can help you communicate with your customers in a way that's more personal and engaging?

Iterate and Repurpose Video Content.
Reuse video content in different formats and contexts.

Send and track videos for reachouts, demos, proposals, follow-ups, contract walkthroughs, holiday greetings, monthly reports. There's literally no limit on types or formats of video content you can do. Templatized video creation flows help you create and send video emails in 2 minute or less.

20+ templates to get you started, including one you can send to your churned customers.



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